We are striving to give our members a realistic way of flying to create a sense of progress and learning in their flying.
We have courses and our own academy to help build our members knowledge.

Own hosted crewcenter

We host and have built or own crewcenter which give us the power and flexibility to improve and implement features for our members quicker and easier. We also provide support for the major flight sims like FSX, P3D, X-plane and the new MSFS.

Passion for flying

We in the VA have a passion for flying and the flight sim community in general and we are welcoming everyone that shares this passion. We also have courses and flying club for our members that, when they feel like a break they can fire up a small single engine piston and sore the french skies and enjoy some sightseeing. 

Our partners

Just some of the business currently using our product.
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